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Cardigan Weather

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I always go through phases of being completely uninspired and bored of my fashion choices but every few months I have a good break and find some gems that I can’t get enough of. This outfit I’m really loving. If you follow my Instastories you’ll probably have seen me wearing this ASOS Striped Dress, it has become an instant fave and pretty perfect for Spring! I love the combination of the blue and pink, it gives it a little more character than if it was just one colour, it’s so comfy and not too long or too short, it also has quarter length sleeves so it is perfect for Springs often confused weather – Take the photos above about, nice and mild weather next thing dull skies and pouring rain! It kinda reminds me of a stick of rock so I know what I’ll be wearing the next time I’m in Blackpool.  I do love when I find a dress that is casual that I can wear for an everyday purpose without looking too dressed up.
Spring is what I also call Cardigan Weather, many sunny days but with a cold wind more often than not. It’s been a long time since I last donned a cardi however my most recent trip to Primark I discovered a section full of cardigans with the cutest prints, the one in the photo above has little ladybirds on it.  … Plus anything that gets me out of my usual plaid shirt deserves a medal!
I mean I don’t think this outfit can get any more adorable…Okay it can, the denim high tops are also from Primark and I am in love with them! The embroidery trend really appeals to my clean-cut style. The girliness of these high-tops makes it easy to coordinate with a cute dress without feeling like I’m going for a sports luxe look (which I’m not a fan of). Thankfully I’ve not had any issues with regards to wearing them in, I’ve not had any horrible blisters, they’re comfy which is what I need them to be for exploring little villages during my weekend shenanigans.  Primark is killing it at the moment, I have another outfit post coming up soon which features head to toe Primark! Is there anything more satisfying than a successful trip to Primark?

What do you think? What’s your favourite piece from this outfit?


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