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The Burgundy Dreamboat from Joules

If you read my last fashion post you may have noticed the cross-bag that I was sporting?
Well today I’m dedicating a whole post to the little gem.
I was looking for a new bag that was of decent quality and could hold everything I need for a day to day basis without having to place all my belongings strategically. Whilst I was at the Joules event in August I spotted their Darby Saddle Bags* (£39.95) which I thought looked perfect. There are 2 colours to choose from.  I thought the burgundy was the perfect choice for the Autumn season and really stands out, it has gold hardware which I think compliments the colour really well.

Joules Burgundy Saddle Crossbody

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The quality of the bag I am really impressed with it feels very luxurious and well made to the point where I am currently babying it to ensure that I don’t get any scruffs and keep it looking as pristine as possible. The buckle straps allow you to decide what length you would like the bag, something that I always appreciate and is really a must have feature when looking at bags.
There is a back pocket which is not only handy to keep bus passes in or something you would like to grab quickly I also think it looks really luxurious. Inside the bag is a hand drawn polkadot print on the a beautifully soft fabric, it may not be something that can be admired by others but I find it very charming – inside the main compartment inside has 3 pockets built within it add further security or for better organisation. There is also a small pocket on the front which is the perfect size for keeping my phone and card holder and easy to grab. As I’ve already said I think the quality is outstanding, the bag is made of Polyurethane which is soft but very hardwearing material which won’t mark easily or visibly.

Joules Darby Bright Saddle BagJoules Handbags

I am so obsessed with it, it is so spacious but it doesn’t feel like a big bag, I am able to carry my Olympus Pen, along with my phone, notebook, makeup bits etc without it bursting at the seams! It is definitely the perfect sized bag.

*The Item mentioned in todays post was bought using a gift card gifted to me by Joules – My opinion remains honest. 

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