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Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Live at Hampden.

On the 1st of June Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band brought The River Tour to Glasgow and I was buzzing that I was able to go! This will have been my 3rd time seeing the legend but first time in my home country Scotland.

My Dad bought tickets for himself, my sister and I to go… And we were super duper lucky for it to be such a beautiful warm day… I mean it’s June but there is no guarantee that the weather would be kind to us.

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we managed to get to the barrier behind the pit, which for a shorty like me is a great place to stand other than the very very front. It meant I was able to see the show rather than a back (people often wonder why I insist on queuing so early that is why.) Anyways The sky was blue, I had a great spot I was pretty happy.

I was so excited about the River Tour because it was the song the River and the album of the same name which began my love for him, it introduced me to hundreds of amazing songs, so I always have a massive soft spot for the song and album.  Just in 2013 I stood one row from the front at the Olympic Park in London holding a sign requesting the River…

Bruce Springsteen at Hampden Park 2016

Bruce hit the stage around 6.45pm kicking off with ‘Waiting on a Sunny day’ a song that I get the impression from twitter than many fans have become a bit exhausted of  but I love it, I feel like its the perfect summer time stadium song! So within minutes of the show starting Bruce had invited a young fan on to the stage to help sing the song… she was brilliant and utterly fearless!

The weather was perfect and Bruce was playing belter after belter with the likes of Spirit in the night, I was particularly excited that he played Rosalita and Sherry Darling as I had yet to hear them live before!

Bruce Springsteen The River Tour Glasgow

When Bruce counted the band into the crowd pleasing Hungry Heart things got a little bit exciting… Coming right down to where we were standing to sing the song… and then suddenly he was right in-front of me… I’m not going to lie, it’s all a bit of a blur…. I have 2 photos on my phone both of which were just black… so my attempt to take a photo failed miserably… And my memory of it is very brief too.

Bruce Springsteen Glasgow The River Tour Review

Bruce Springsteen Glasgow River Tour Review

Playing songs from albums old and new such as Johnny 99 from the 1982 Nebraska album (another favourite Springsteen album of mine) to Death to my hometown from the 2012 Wrecking Ball album the band were on top form putting any band half their age to shame with the amount of energy and passion…. Performing i’m going down from the famous Born in the USA album is always a highlight for me, it’s one of those songs that nothing beats it being performed live.

Then as he pulled out the harmonica I knew it was coming, The River, such a heart breaking song about young love, unplanned pregnancies and dreams being set aside or as a good friend of mine describes as a song about trying to find good in a bad situation… No-matter how many times I hear this song being played live I always always hope it’s on the set list every-time. One day i’ll get that harmonica…

Bruce Springsteen live in Glasgow 2016

Going on to sing a variety of songs including a personal favourite Darkness on the Edge of  Town which again I heard for the first time. I was most excited to hear Because the night… which I think was one of the highlights of the show for me, the crowd were loving it just as much as me. Finishing off with The Rising, the stadium rocker badlands and Thunder Road before the band took to the stage for a seven song encore kicking off with Born in the USA and the crowd erupted into cheers as Born to Run was counted  in and the crowd carried on singing and dancing through Glory Days. And I didn’t think we could get any louder until I was proved wrong when the 1984 major hit Dancing in the Dark started with the crowd chanting along… For many it’s the moment they have been waiting for, to see if they will finally be the one to come on stage for a dance with the Boss just like Courtney Cox did many moons ago in the iconic music video… A long time fan had a sign stating she had waited 40 years for a dance and her time was now… What a thing to tick off the bucket list!


Tenth Avenue Freeze Out the moment Bruce deemed as the most important part where we remember Clarence Clemons, The E Street Saxophonist who died in 2011 but still remains a important part of the show.  The penultimate song being the Isley Brothers Shout, a energetic performance from Bruce Springsteen and the E street band as it hit a 3 and a half hour show…

Then as they all took a final bow and walked off the stage Bruce stopped, with his fist in the air and turned back to give us all one last treat… just he and his guitar he closed the show with This Hard Land a track written during the Born in the USA sessions which failed to make the album and then with one last wave he was gone.

I think it’s impossible to see Bruce and the e street band and be disappointed, and with the forever sky rocketing ticket prices the 3  and half hour long show with 34 songs you definitely get your moneys worth… And with the back catalogue of music to his name and the spontaneity of the set list I’m not surprised so many fans travel to multiple shows!

The River Tour 2016 Glasgow


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