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I have been a little bit obsessed with the bodyshop and thought I’d share a few of the products I picked up recently.

The Drops of Youth bouncy sleeping mask (£22) was suggested to me by one of my readers and I’ve heard so much about it as of late. My skin is needing a little bit more care now a days. I try to pop this on every night before going to bed and it just helps give my skin more moisture.A little bit definitely goes a long way, if you put too much on you’ll find that your face is a bit sticky the next again morning. My skin in the morning is just much more clear and plump when I use it, its a great thing to round off your nightly skincare routine.
I was given the Elderflower Eye Gel  (£7) for free for signing up with the loyalty card. It’s not something I would have thought of picking up myself but I really enjoy using it in the morning when I’ve woke up to help refreshen my under eyes etc.. i’m not entirely sure what it’s meant to do or how I’m suppose to use it but I just dab it under my eyes in the morning, it’s very cooling.

When I first picked up The camamoile cleansing butter (£12)I smelt it and thought to myself…. I don’t need another cleanser I’m happy with my Liz Earle…. But the smell stuck with me and I quickly changed my mind and picked it back up again.
The scent is so light and airy, I can’t get enough of it. The buttery testures just melts off your make-up. I’ve been enjoying using this cleanser at night because of the light smell. If you’re on a tighter budget I would reccomend picking this up.

The Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist (£7.50) reminds of a scent from when I was younger so it’s been a little throwback for me and is quite different to the sort of perfumes I wear now a days.
When I got to the check out the lovely cashier told me that I could get the shower gel (£6.50)too in a set for £12 so why not, the scent lingers on your skin and to be honest thats all I want in a shower gel.


what are your must haves from body shop?



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