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Scottish Lifestyle Blogger Benefit They're Real Blue Mascara Benefit They're Real Mascara BlueI so so wanted to call this post ‘i’m blue dabba dee dabba di’ but wasn’t sure if people would get the reference…. missed opportunity. Anyways Benefit recently released a colourful range to their they’re real eyeliner and mascara collection and I’ve been feeling it… …  I’m not a fan of the original they’re real mascara but after seeing pictures of the beyond blue (£19.50) version I knew I wanted a piece of the action.

I was super impressed with it the colour show off and just how normal it looks. I remember wearing blue mascara as a preteen who would have known that as a 24-year old I would be wearing it again.  It’s so vibrant and fun and makes your eyes just look so much more appealing.  I first applied it with my usual black eyeliner and found the black just darkened it so I decided to take off the black eyeliner… it got me thinking that perhaps blue eyeliner would pull it all together… I knew I wouldn’t be trying they’re real push up liner as I don’t work well with it at all so I headed to Boots to see what the high street brands had to offer me… I found the L’oreal super liner (£6.99) in this cobalt blue. I’m actually in love with this eyeliner and I need to get the black…. it makes such a great thin line and flick without any dragging and has great colour show off. I feel like a thin flick is just enough without going over the top with this look. I’ve definitely stumbled upon a gem there.

L'Oreal Super Liner Blue
Scottish Lifestyle Blogger

 I thought I’d also share my little sisters take on this makeup look but with MACS ruby woo lipstick… I’m definitely not brave enough for this… but what a great summer time makeup. I decided to pick up ruby woo for her while I was in London… she’s been wanting it for so long. she definitely has the lips for it.

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