Rose Quartz BH Cosmetics Brush Set
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BH Cosmetics Rose Quartz Brush Set

BH Cosmetics Brushes

BH Cosmetics Brush Set
Well Hey!
I have been looking for a set of affordable brushes which were are also really pretty looking – BH Cosmetics I have often seen popping up in TK Maxx (Yay discount) but I discovered they were also stocked on Beauty Bay and had a big range of their sets! I settled on the 9 piece Rose Quartz Set – It has a combination of brushes for eyes and face all of which are made from synthetic bristles.
I would like to add before I go into a little bit more detail on the brushes that I don’t always use each brush for what they were intended for.

The marble effect almost coral rose colour is beautiful and very different to any rose colour I’ve seen before.

Rose Quartz BH Cosmetics Brush Set
BH Cosmetic Brush Set

Intended for eyes we have a Dense Crease Brush, this is actually one of my faves to use to apply eyeshadow as it picks up product really well and the denseness of the bristles allow me to feel like I have complete control of what I’m doing – it is also fab at adding and blending colour to your crease. The next brush is the Tapered Blending Brush, now this came with a few of the bristles misshapen – I still need to wet it and reshape and I hope that will fix it and then hopefully I’ll use it more. I do like it, it’s softer than the previous brush but not so soft that you feel like it’s not picking up any product or doing what you want it to do.
The Flat Shader Brush is another that I reach for when doing my eyes, it’s packed finely and again gives me complete control of what I’m doing, I find that the brushes that are denser pick up and apply product much better. The precision crease brush is really nice for using in your crease (duh) I don’t really think it has any other use or I would use it for anything else….It’s probably the brush I’ve used least. The final of the eye brushes is the Detailing brush, I’ve also been using this for adding colour into my crease, it has a very small head so fits in the crease nicely, other more experienced eyeshadow users may make more use of this brush than me.
BH Cosmetics Face Brushes

The Set comes with four face brushes, number one is the Large angled contour brush – I love this bad boy, I tend to reach for it for blending my contour after I’ve applied it with a much narrower brush – it blends so well to create a lovely shadow rather than an obvious line. It’s super soft and dense (dense it’s my favourite word when it comes to makeup brushes). The Powder Blush Brush has a beautiful shape perfect for applying colour to the cheeks. The brushes are packed perfectly which allows perfect movement. The Tapered Highlighter Brush has a very soft point to it making it perfect for applying highlight to your cheek bones, the bristles are a lot looser but they still pick up product really well. Finally we have the Deluxe blending brush – this is also a nice brush to use to apply highlighter as it has a nice petite size – I have used this to blend my concealer, although, I do think there are too many bristles for this, I am much used to using much smaller brushes to do this.

Overall I’m really enjoying using the set, I’ve not had any trouble with bristles falling out and they also wash really well too, which is something important to point out. The only thing I was really missing from the set is a foundation buffer brush – but alas we can’t have everything.
For £19 I think they’re a really good value for money without jeopardising the quality of the brushes.

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