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Ahh bath-time, the best time of the day ever… I don’t think there is a better time. I get to be by myself in a nice warm bath washing off the cold days and probably a lot of felt tip ink  from my day at work.

I don’t always use a lush product but I always have some at hand in-case the day has been that little bit more challenging. Blackberry bathbomb is my favourite.
At the moment for my hair i’m using Trevor Sorbie; Rejuvenate  Gentle Shampoo, (£7,99) which is a nice product nothing amazing and I have to admit although I think the packaging looks very cool its so hard to pump the product out.
I’m not currently using any hair masques if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments!
My most favourite body wash at the moment is Soap and Glorys clean on me.(£6.50).. it smells delicious as you can see I’ve almost finished


At the moment I am loving the Liz Earle cleanse and polish (£15.50) which my mum use to love when I was much younger. I now get why she loved it so much… It’s so easy to use especially for a lazy girl like me.

Another thing I love to when I’m having a bit more of a pamper night is do my nails; the superdrug varnish remover is such a dupe for the bourjois one and only costs like £3.  I usually try on different colours before settling. The quick varnish remover is perfect for this.

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