BarryM Coconut Infusion in Bikini


BarryM Coconut Infusion

BarryM has released yet another range of nail polishes; the coconut infusion. A polish that has coconut oil and water in it to help keep your nails healthy and hydrated.

I think I’ll slowly pick up the whole range as they are such fresh colours for the spring and summer, but the first one I picked up is Bikini(£4.99) a lovely green colour which is soooo me. I feel like the formula in this is much better than the quick dry as it is much more chip proof.  It’s also a nice alternative to pastel colours which can get dirty quickly but still has a super spring vibe.  I also want to add how much I love the rectangle shape of the brush, so much easier to apply neat and tidy.
The colour is very opaque which also helps with the application, I’ve used many mint shades that go on the nail streaky. I grab for this shade when I’m in a rush and know that I won’t have any trouble with untidiness – it’s definitely all down to the formula and the brush shape. I would say that this range is one of the best from Barry M and really puts much more expensive brands to the test.

There are 9 new colours in the range which go from bright spring and summer colours to nude creams and taupes, i’m sure to buy more from the collection.


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