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Trowan Farm

Trowan Farm, Creiff

 For the last month, I and my brothers have been planning a surprise trip for my Dads 60th birthday… We found a Farmhouse on Trowan Farm in Crieff, I knew just looking at the pictures that my Dad would love it….
It’s in the middle of nowhere so it’s so quiet but not too far away from Crieff so that you can still go do things and go for dinner etc…
I had an absolutely fantastic time, I really didn’t want to leave…


There are 3 double rooms and one twin room…, 2 bathrooms and a toilet.
I had a good idea what the house looked like prior to arriving but I was super excited to find what my sister, my niece and nephew and I called a “secret staircase”. It was such a great house to play hide and seek in… such a treat for kids.

Winter Holiday in Scotland

The secret staircase led right up next to the room me and my sister were sharing…

So many big windows, looking out onto nothing but fields and trees… it was such a perfect spot for anyone who wanted to get away from everything. The house itself was filled with old furniture and bookcases with lots of books. It’s the kind of house that you could spend all day in without feeling cabin fever.

Creiff Holiday


Trowan Farm, Crieff

Friday evening (the day of my Dad’s actual birthday) we went to Dinner at the Brassiere in the Crieff Hydro Hotel….
Apart from the rather rude and abrupt hostess at the main desk of the restaurant, it was a great place. The decor in the main reception was so beautiful and modern… The food in Brassiere was outstanding, I had tiger prawns for starter and I was really boring and got a burger for mains (mainly because I didn’t understand anything else on the menu) but it was the best burger I’ve ever had… so delicious. For dessert I had a chocolate mouse which again was out of this world.

Scottish Blogger - Crieff Hydro

Crieff Hydro


The evenings were spent round the log fire, chatting and laughing, it was lovely knowing there was nowhere I had to be and I had real sense of content. Waking up the morning was a dream, the shutters on the windows allowed the room to remain dark and you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet…

We had a big fry up around the big table before venturing out into Crieff for the Afternoon.

Scottish Blogger

Scottish Fry-Up

Good Crieff

Visit Crieff

This headline made me giggle a little bit….
Crieff is a small old fashioned town, with a lot of little independent shops.

Visit Crieff

Visit Crieff

I found this cute little shop selling second hand furniture and cute hand made cards and quirky signs…
The lady in shop, fixes up old furniture and re-paints them, which is such a nice to have it the background when you’re browsing….

PicMonkey Collagezxz


McNees Delicatessen| The Chocolatier


I’m looking forward to going back to Crieff to explore way more! There was a lovely cafe that i’m planning on visiting next time.

On the last day, the Sunday I pulled on my wellies one last time and went a little wander, where we had a magnificent views of the mountains with sprinkles of snow on the top… my pictures really do it no justice… it was cold and windy and there were lots of puddles from the endless rain that occurred during the weekend.


Visit Crieff




I had such an amazing 4 days away, that even now my mind is still finding it hard to get back to everyday life… I can’t wait to stay again but next time during spring or summer when the weather is so much nicer! I’ve never felt so at home in a house that isn’t.

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