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Autumn Essentials, Bathbombs, facemasks

Not to sound like every other person on the planet, but I love Autumn.  I’m not really great with hot weather, I’m not sure if it’s because my body is so used to being cold all the time, in saying that I hate when it’s really cold too… and the older I get the less I seem to cope well with the cold weather… I reached the point during winter that I only leave the house when I need to because I just can’t bear my bones shaking with the cold.

So Autumn is my time… I also love the darker nights… summer nights are all fine and well when you don’t have work, but when I come home from work after a 12 hour day I just want to roll into bed with my best pal; Netflix but when it’s super sunny outside, I feel like I should be doing something.  Coming out of work into the dark is just something I like, it’s cosy to me. It also suits my tired mood.
I enjoy the mild weather with the cool wind…
My Autumn musts are quite simple and more than likely quite similar to many other of the same type of posts.
I am a bath person all year round but when it comes to October right through to March I have them way more often after a day of work, so having a selection of lush bath bombs at the ready is a must for me…. My current favourite is intergalactic, a starburst of colours and glitters that turns the water into the perfect midnight starry sky.

For someone who gets up at the crack of dawn when the weather is at its coldest I find having a scarf really comes in handy,  it keeps you nice and toasty and is easy enough to put in your bag if the day gets a bit warmer… as it sometimes does during the autumnal months, I like to call this time of year the confused months, because there is such a mixture of weather, sometimes in Scotland, we can get all seasons in one day.

Autumn Must Haves

Autumn Nail Colours

Although I’m not always one-to stick to cliches such as painting your nails a certain colour to correspond with the season, sometimes I do… and other times I just want wear a bright pastel purple. However my favourite “typical” autumn shades are BarryMs Red Black, a very gothic, is it red or is it black (it says it all in the name really) shade…. So if you think black is a little too intense this is a great alternative, plus Autumn isn’t super dreary, it deserves a little bit more colour than a plain black….
I’ve recently picked up Bourjois Cherry D’amour, which has made me fall in love with the traditional red nail, there is a very berriness to the colour rather than postbox red, I’m really enjoying wearing it. Makes the nails look very polished. (no pun intended hehe). I also have Onnly Blue, because you know I love my blue nails, This is a very bright but still quite dark (contradicting at its best) blue, it lacks the vibrancy of the kind of blues I tend to wear in summer like Topshops AWOL… so I think it’s a great “Autumn” shade.  I’m a big fan of the bourjois nails formula… always a pleasure to use.  Barry M’s chai is a grey silver almost lilac colour, again so perfect for this time of year.

Autumn Face Masks

Autumn Nails Colours

Along with nice warm baths, I like to pamper my skin a little bit more! When the weather gets cooler it’s very typical for your face to become a bit more dryer…. As I already have dry skin this can be a bit of a night mare so I make sure to have some moisturising face masks at the ready like the Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment and also fun masks from Montange they’re so cheap and they just make autumn evenings a little cuter and relaxing.

Autumn Lip Colours

Just like nails, The dark berry has claimed autumn as it’s own however I’m more of a darker nude kinda girl but I think it still works well with autumn makeup, paired with dark brown or burnt orange eyes… My current favourites are Whirl and Velvet Teddy from Mac… Whirl is quite a recent purchase because like most others I was obsessed with the lipliner… Along with my forever mentioned Very Victoria from Charlotte TilburyBourjois Rouge Velvets in Nudest is another great brown for more a budget and also it does not budge from your lips which are great for the wind and raining sideways weather!

Skincare for Autumn

Zoella Handcream

Zoellas hand cream has come out just in time for the colder months, my hands get so dry particularly at this time of year, and this stuff smells amazing and the packaging is also amazingly cute. I’m also a big fan of the body shop hand creams too.

So there we have it a little round up of all my autumn essentials for this year…

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