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A couple of months ago I shared my love for Plaid Shirts and how I love what they add to an outfit… I picked up a new shirt from Forever 21(£16) a month ago and it’s been a welcome addition. It’s a lot thinner than the one from Primark but it’s also so soft, you can definitely tell that it’s of a high quality and I think I’ll be looking out for more Plaid Shirts from other brands because I think they’re worth investing in… they never go out of style… And I can’t see me stop wearing it anytime soon.
I really like the white popper buttons on this one I think its a nice little detail….

I feel like you can wear plaid shirts oversized and fitted… they really are so versatile. You can get so many different style and patterns and colours but still in the plaid family. I’m a little obsessed.

If you have any recommendations for where else to buy plaid shirt please let me know!

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