Another Day Another Handbag…

Forever 21 Handbag

As you have probably noticed I am a bit of a lover of handbags… I always have been, when in doubt buy a handbag that’s my motto…. well to be fair I’ve never said that before but it’s a pretty good motto to live by.  (£18)

Whilst I was in Glasgow last week I was in Forever 21 on the middle floor looking at an extremely short dress when I see the Quilted Faux Leather Bag(£18) on a shelf… I had seen the Chanel esk bags on the website but never ordered at the risk of it looking a bit naff… As soon as I picked it up I was sold… it is so soft you would believe it was real leather. .. It has a cross body strap which feels like such great quality… sturdy.

The front pocket is where I keep my phone and card holder and the main body of the bag for everything else. The bottom of the bag has 4 small studs to help protect it from the floor… which I always think is a nice touch in high street bags.

It’s a perfect size.. as long as it fits my Olympus pen and my essentials such as phone, card holder, keys then I’m happy. And it really does hold more than it looks! I even managed to sneak in a cup of pick n mix into the cinema in it.  It’s been my favourite purchase of the month so far!
Quilted Crossbody Handbag



Forever 21 Quilted Handbag



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