Anastasia Soft Glam Palette
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam |Review

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Anastasia Soft Glam Palette

I have been excited to share and give you my thoughts on Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette (£43). I am a big lover of the Modern Renaissance palette and the Soft Glam caught my eye with it’s very inviting and wearable shades.
The Palette comes with 14 shades and includes soft browns and peachy mattes then there are 5 glitters including golds and a couple of rosy gold colours.  The formula of the of the shades is very consistent throughout the palette with the mattes being pigmented including the black – I often find that black shadows even from the luxury brands tend to lack opaqueness and can be a little chalky but Noir applies so well – the glitters are more creamy and also have great pigmentation.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Makeup Review

One thing that Anastasia Beverly Hills is often criticised for is the fall out from the shadows, it is something that I noticed with the Modern Renaissance but this palette is much better, even when swatching there is no need to blow away any excess shadow, so hopefully they have rectified the problem and this won’t be a problem with future palettes.
I am very simple when it comes to my eye makeup, my current favourite look is to cover my eye in a bronze-y glitter shade and lots of mascara so I’ve been reaching for this palette for mainly the glitter shades.
Just like Modern Renaissance and Sub-Culture palettes it comes with it’s very own brush and just like what I said in my Modern Renaissance post the included brush makes the price just that little bit more justifiable.

Soft Glam is much a more neutral palette compared to Modern Renaissance which has deeper rose shades amongst others and Sub-Culture has more bold colours including yellow and blue mixed – Soft Glam is a palette that realistically most people could you use in their every day life without having that one colour they might not ever touch.

What are your thoughts on Soft Glam – do you think its worth the money?

Anastasia Beverly Hill Makeup Review


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