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Affordable Skincare from L’Oreal



L’oreal have recently added face washes to their pure clay collection, using the original line-up each scrub having a specific role in what it’s used for. I am a big fan of the face masks (the detox version in particular) so I was excited to give these guys a go. They’re currently £3.99 so nice and affordable!

You are advised to use the wash morning and evening and avoid eyes!
I use one of the washes after I’ve cleansed my face and removed my makeup I like to use one of the washes as it feels like a less harsh soap on my face. My skin feels properly washed and helps remove any excess makeup.
As like the face masks my skin seems to react really well to the detox formula, it makes my skin super clear and soft and just all together great!  The scent is very fresh and I just feel like my face is clean!

All 3 washes include the same 3 clay ingredients; Kaolin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul. To help reduce and zap up excess oils that we don’t want our skin to have (and to show) the washes includes the clay ingredient Kaolin, I have dry skin however find places like my forehead and nose can get a little bit shiny so I pay close attention to these areas when using the washes. Montmorillonite is the clay used to help with imperfections in your skin, I found it hard to find any more info on the benefits this clay has for the skin, but I get the impression this will help prevent anything from going wrong, skin wise!
The final clay is Ghassoul which will help banish blemishes and help reduce blackheads (winning)! I also read it’s good for those who suffer from dry skin (aka me) as it helps to stop skin from flaking!
Is it just me that loves reading what all these ingredients are known to do? I laaaav it.

 The Purity Wash includes eucalyptus is said to give you soft blemish-free skin, further reading has told me that eucalyptus is often used in skincare products to help heal damage skin ie burns & eczema, so this could be the perfect little step to add to your skin care routine if that is of any trouble to you. The Detox Wash includes charcoal which is known to draw out impurities, reduce the size of pores and makes your skin altogether clearer! It’s also said to help draw out excess oil which is not wanted. I have very dry skin and find that this works well with that too. The detox wash gives your skin that boost and is very much an all-rounder in my opinion. The Glow Scrub includes Red Algae which is meant to brighten and I have to agree along with the face mask I find this makes my skin more radiant.

I like the idea that all 3 washes have the same 3 important ingredients that will benefit all skin types and then you can then pick the right scrub for you depending on what your skin type is. In the same sense as multimasking, I guess I could use each wash on the parts of my skin that need it… Cause you know sometimes my skin can be really dry but it has it’s moments where shininess appears! Skin and it’s complicated ways




So there we have it, a little run down of the three washes, I hope you find the perfect one for you!

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