adding some life to my walls



Last year I decorated my room, it was the first time since my early teens. I had long out grown the dark walls covered in song lyrics (yep i was very deeep haha.) I wanted something fresh.
Since last year the only thing on my walls is some buntin, so I decided to add a creative wall… I think thats what’re called. I’ve still not completely finished it but I thought’d share with you all to give you some inspiration.



I used polagram to print off some pictures, including some personal ones that i’ve taken including a picture of my boyfriend (n’aww) and I printed off quotes from Taylor Swift songs from pinterest because well it’s me, of course i’m going to add in some taytay. The “long live all the moutains we moved” photo is from her song Long Live which you should go listen to because it’s incredible and classic taylor is just the bee’s knees.
I used some of my own mini polaroids. The ‘if you can dream it, you can do it’ sign came with my little box and I thought it was cute.
I collect washi tape for my scrapbook and used them to stick them to the wall…. it’s cute plus it’s less harsh than normal tape or pins.

I’m still going to add to it but for now this has brighten up things a bit but sticking to a mature theme.


Thanks for reading


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