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A Trip To Callander

One of my favourite things about Summer and the longer days is jumping in the car and going to discover different places – One Summer day we found ourselves in Callander a town located in Perthshire I haven’t been to Callander in my adult life so was excited to have a wander. I’m a fan of quaint wee towns that hold on to an old fashion vibe.
Brimmed with cute little shops, pubs, and cafes we stumbled upon a sweetie shop filled with all the old sweets I remember from my childhood and numerous flavours of rock. The Fudge Shop

Callander Small town, places in Scotland, Visit ScotlandSweetie Shop in Callander Visit Scotland


Amazingly, I was able to stop myself from filling a large bag with all the sugary sweets and carried on walking down the street until we found Antiques and Curios which was like a hoarders paradise, the shop had so many different antiques from type-writers, an array of very old looking suitcases, clocks and paintings.  It was totally random but so interesting looking at all the nick nacks.

Antique Store Callander Visit Scotland, Callander ScolandAntiques Shops in Callander, Visit Scotland

We walked right along the main street and where we found a Christmas Shop which was heaven, christmas music, so many decorations and decorated Christmas trees in the middle of July. It was heaven on earth. Right next door the greatest shop on earth was a fish and chip shop and I was ready for food. It was a really beautiful Summers day so we grabbed our suppers and headed to the Callander Meadows, a small park (with parking) where there are a lake and benches. I pulled out my blanket and enjoyed the evening with some chips and chicken nuggets.
On our walk, we found a really cool sweetie shop that was aptly named ‘Sweeties” that also did whippy ice creams and I knew I wasn’t leaving until I had one.
This shop was so colourful and fun and every kid’s dream. Our ice cream was so big and the cone was filled right up. I couldn’t finish mine, it broke my heart having to bin it. But it was delicious. A definite must visit if you’re in the area.

Places to visit in Callander Sweeties CallanderSummer in Callander

We were all set about to come home when we saw a sign for the Bracklinn Falls and decided that it would be a good idea to go look for them after eating lots of food and ice cream.
Don’t get me wrong the walk was lovely but I felt a bit grim but the views were totally worth it in the end.

Bracklin Falls Bracklinn Falls, Callandervisit scotland

I obviously just shown you a small part of Callander and I highly suggest looking into what else you can do and see but it was lovely little tourist spot to spend an evening.


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