Sephora Haul
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A Sephora Haul


Welcome Back to PennyxxLane,

If you read my last post you’ll know that I was recently in New York and a trip to the US would not be without a visit to the mothership that is Sephora… It was so hard not to go crazy in the shop that had sooooo many amazing beauty brands.
One of my main goals was to pick up a few of Sephora’s own brand seeing as we don’t get that over here and then I snuck a couple of other little dreamy bits into my basket.


Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush
Tarte is a brand that I really love, however, in the UK the brand is only available on QVC so I’ve never had the opportunity to look at their array of products in person. I am a big fan of their blushes and I finally decided to pick up one of the 12-hour blushes in the shade Blushing Bride, a shade that I have been lusting after for a few years now but have never been able to get a hold of. Blushing Bride is a beautiful colour that gives your cheeks a lovely looking rosy glow and applying couldn’t be easier as just one touch of colour is enough.

I spotted the Backtalk palette from Urban Decay and my oh my is it dreamy… I’m really into my pinks at the moment and this palette not only fulfils my pinky eye dreams (pinky eye, not pink eye…  important difference) but also for my cheeks too! The palette is inspired by Urban Decays best-selling lipstick of the same name which of course I need to get my hands on ASAP – The palette comes with 8 eyeshadows from peach pink to berry pinks with a couple of rosy pinks in between and a couple of browns thrown in for good measure. The shadows consistency is creamy some colours may need to be built up but the finish is beautiful.
On the other side of the palette is 2 berry blushes, a peachy pink that could pass for either blush or highlight and finally Party Foul a pretty highlight shade.
When I first purchased this palette I thought it was more of an impulse buy, however, it’s all I’m using currently. Thankfully you don’t need to go all the way to America to buy it. The link to buy it here in the UK is right here.

Urban Decay Backtalk Palette Urban Decay Backtalk Palette Swatches
Sephora Haul


Now buying things from Sephora’s collection is a bit dangerous because if I fall for any products I’m going to have to book a trip back to buy more (well I suppose I could order online but the minimum spend is $70 I believe).
I’ve been meaning to pick up a concealer for under my eyes for months now but I always forget but I decided to give this one a go… I picked the lightest shade in hope that it will help brightening my eyes and stop me looking like a zombie. The formula blends really well and doesn’t crease I’m not completely blown away but Concealer isn’t a product that excites me too much.
The Stylographic eyeliner is a complete game changer – now I would walk to the closest Sephora that stocked this. It has a super thin nib so I’m able to create a really fine line but it’s also really simple to thicken it if I want something a little more dramatic – the best thing about it though is its longevity, my eyeliner usually always transfers onto my top lid really badly, it’s such a issue and something my lil sis always likes to point out but with the Stylographic it has not been a problem and even better my liner hasn’t budged. It’s incredible! I really do wish I stocked up on this product because when it’s done I’m really going to miss it.
Being a liquid lip lover I of course picked up one of their liquid lipsticks in shade Pink Souffle – the colour is very pigmented and creates a really lovely casual pink shade – I don’t find the formula overly drying either, it glides over your lips very smoothly and feels more like a cream and like you’re wearing a lip stain.


Lastly, I have a Sephora sheet mask, I cannot wait to use this my skin has been a little neglected lately and it is in serious need of TLC. I picked up the Avocado mask which is for nourishing and repairing. I love a sheet mask they’re so easy and I don’t need to get up after 20 minutes to clean it off I can just throw it in the bin. It’s every lazy girl’s who wants to have nice skin dream.

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