A Mini Lush Indulgence



If you haven’t seen the latest collection from Lush you need to get yourself to lush straight away…
I picked up my all time favourite (and part of the regular collection) Blackberry Bath Bomb (£3.25) I find the scent of some of the lush products a hit or a miss but this is my favourite.

Another Bath Bomb is Sakura   (£3.35) I don’t think I’ve seen this in my Lush store recently so it may be a seasonal product, despite looking like mouldy yoghurt I think this bath bomb looks so pretty and it smells so fresh and lovely.


The Valentines Day collection is so dreamy and I want it all but I settled for Heart Throb (£3.65) a lovely bubble bar which looks super duper cute, you can break the heart in 2 where there is a gold glittery filling… so you can use it twice to get more from it.
My most favourite purchase is the Unicorn Horn (£3.25); another bubble bar, I don’t even want to use it, I love looking at it! So so soooo dreamy I think i’ll have to invest in a couple as i’m going to be super sad when the collection ends.

what is your favourite from the new collection?

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