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A Glossier Haul

Well here we are; the pale pink ziplock bag has made its way on to PennyxxLane. I made a Glossier order at the end of October after the New York-based brand began shipping to the UK. I am glad we didn’t have to wait years to have the pleasure of buying the products.
So if you aren’t familiar with the brand, their focus is on extenuating your beauty rather than completely re-creating your face – They sell a mixture of makeup, skincare and they have introduced a perfume too. Speak of I got a complimentary sample of their perfume Glossier You, which smells amazing! It has such a familiar scent like something I use to smell off of woman when I was younger and wished I could smell the same. I need a big bottle.

Glossier Products

Glossier Priming Moisturiser

My primer ran out just in time for me to make an order so decided to try the Priming moisturizer (£18) – The idea is to not only prime your skin but to all double up as your moisturiser and you’re able to adapt the quantity of how much you use depending on your needs. It works really well as a primer, it plumps my skin and helps create a smooth base to apply my foundation… I have dry skin and I don’t find my skin gets much relief when I put it on, perhaps I need to use more product but I find I prefer using one more of my more heavy duty moisturiser. I do want to add that Glossier do do a heavier moisturiser which in hindsight I probably would have benefited more from.

The Cloud Paints (£15) are very dinky little tubes which being very truthful I was surprised at how small the tube was but upon applying the product I have discovered that you literally need the smallest bit to add a flush of colour to your cheeks. I have the shade Puff which is a baby pink – I have a big love for this colour during the spring and summer months so it’s not getting much attention right now. I do really rate the cream blush, it blends well to create a really natural hue on your cheeks. Just remember that you only need a little bit or you will look like you have literal paint on your face.
If you are someone who really likes wearing blusher I would definitely recommend.

Glossier may seem like a bit of a hype at the moment but I really do like the idea behind the brand – the simplicity and the intention of enhancing your natural beauty rather than trying to completely filter your face.
Makeup can be quite scary and daunting to those who don’t wear it much or those who don’t feel comfortable wearing so much product – I would definitely point those kinda of people in the direction of Glossier.

Cloud Paint Glossier

Have you tried anything from Glossier – What are your thoughts?

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