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A Tissue Mask From Garnier


Who doesn’t love a facemask? They make for a relaxing, dreamy evening all while giving your skin some TLC.
I first saw the Garnier Moisture Bomb on Haute On my HeelsI was immediately intrigued and at 99p there was nothing to lose at giving them a try.

The Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb tissue mask is the first I’ve seen of it’s kind in the UK. I know in the Korean beauty market they’re rather popular and if I’m not mistaken Sephora also sell tissue masks. Us lonely souls in the UK were missing out.

So the difference between a tissue mask and a normal run of the mill facemask is there is no need to apply any cream it’s a sheet of material and that you place on your face… a real true to name.  You also only use this once, and the very affordable price justifies this.

Tissue Mask
My Lil sis modelling the mask for you allll

The mask claims that it gives your skin enough moisture for the whole week (making it a weekly mask), and when taking it in out of the packet it definitely felt like there was a week’s worth of water on it…. So if you’re hoping for a complete mess free product, well this really isn’t it. It’s very wet but I mean it’s easy enough to pat yourself dry. You lay it on your face, pressing it down so it fits the contours of your face and then you sit for 15 minutes. I found it was easy to sit up with it on, I didn’t have any fears that it would slip or fall from my face. I think it was also a little bit big on my face, i felt like I was squashing it to make it sit perfectly (not a huge issue for me) It was very, very cooling on the face, I feel like this would be a great mask for a Monday morning (if you have time) to wake you up.

After 15 minutes I was expecting it to be a little hard but it was just as wet as when I had begun, on the packet, it says you can rub in any of the residues or wipe away… I tried to rub some into my face but there was just a bit too much. My face felt fresh and soft but it was the next again morning (I applied the face mask late at night) my face looked bright and was free of any redness from dry skin. And sure enough my face felt hydrated and bouncy, this could be the quick and cost friendly way to ensure that your skin stays hydrated.


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