Origins Sheet Mask
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The £5 Sheet Mask From Origins

Origins Sheet Mask

More and more brands are releasing their own sheet masks making the Korean beauty trend much more accessible here in the U.K. I really like sheet masks for those days or night when I want something quick and simple and very low maintenance.
Origins have released a range of sheet masks for £5 which for a brand of that stature I found very reasonable, so I was excited to see how they compared to other Drugstore type brands that I have tried.

The Flower Fusion range has 6 different sheet masks for all different skin needs – I have Violet and Rose which are both aimed at those who have drier skin. Each mask contains extracts of flower and unique essential oils. The other masks included in the range are; Rasberry which refreshes (sounds amaze), Lavander which soothes (also sounds amazing), Jasmine which softens and finally orange which is radiance boosts. I mean I think I made a massive error only picking up two – the whole range sounds amazing.

Origins Nourshing Flower Fusion Sheet Mask
Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks
Violet is the Nourishing Sheet Mask which is quoted to leave your skin no “Nourished with a supple look and feel” – I felt like this mask kept slipping off my face, although it never did I had that sensation throughout the 10 minutes that I had it on for. I found that afterwards my face felt plumped and I even wrote down the word “supple feeling” in my notes before even reading the description of the packet so I think that is a very good sign that it’s doing what it’s meant to. I was thankful that my skin was also given a boost of moisture as it something that I always benefit from.

Origins Flower Fusion Rose

The Rose Mask is the hydrating option, I found this is was much more cooling on the face than the Violet Sheet and the results on my face the next morning was really positive, not only was my skin hydrated but also clearer and softer, I had a noticeable difference from condition of from the previous evening before the face mask. This Mask to was to be on for 10 minutes – When you take the sheet off you are able to rub the excess product into your skin and I found that it sunk into my skin really well without my face feeling sticky or tacky.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the different scents that this range provides I feel like you can have a mask for the morning and evening and you can match the scent to your mood. I also thought the masks were a really good size for my face, previously I’ve use sheet masks that are a little big for my face, however, I did find that the violet mask felt like it was slipping, I thought there was an ingredient which caused this because I didn’t have that problem with the Rose mask!
The price was a really happy surprise as other lower end brands have sheet mask for around the £2.99 which isn’t  a major difference. I was really impressed with the results from the Rose mask – I’ll definitely be repurchasing and I do want to the other sheets – I think it would be cool if Origins could have sold them as a set! Just a thought!

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