5 Places In Europe I want to visit.



I am forever planning trips to different countries, I love planning and dreaming of the trips
Although I hope to make some of these trips a reality.
The list of cities and countries I want to visit is endless so today i’m going to stick to Europe.
I’ve tried to wittle down some highlights of things I want to see and do in each place, it’s difficult though…
I need my boyfriends organised brain to help organize these trips in a logical manner. 
So in no particular order here we go…

Monaco – France
I love France, it’s been my  most visited country I’ve been to outside the UK. My parents went to Monaco before I was born and I’ve always envied them as they retell their experience of staying in a mini van and the windy roads… the yachts… It looks so dreamy but i’ll need to go when the weather isn’t so hot… I’m a complete wimp in the hotter weather.

Venice – Italy
Who doesn’t want to visit Venice, infact I have hotels booked for next April and I can’t wait…the architecture, travel down the canals in the gondola ride pretty. And to taste real italian food, all a bit stereotypical but ya know when in Rome…. or Venice in this case. hehe

This is quite new to my list, but I’ve seen so much about Iceland lately and never realised how beautiful the country is. I need to do a lot more researching but it’s definitely a place I need to visit. I want to see the Jokulsarlon Lagoon…
I think the place i’ll visit is the capital; Reykjavik which looks beautiful. And theres so much to do… It will be such amazing trip.

The list of places in Greece I want to visit is endless… I love exploring places and the little villages and cobbled streets in greece is right up my street…
The beaches look so picturesque. Of course Athens is on my list of places I want to visit…. I love when you can see so much of a cities history by just looking at the buildings and architecture… 
I’ve researched different volcano trips that me and boyfriend are dying to do.  Greece is one of those holidays where its perfect for lazy, relaxing days or jam packed busy days with loads to do.  The best of both worlds!

In my opinion Switzerland is one of the most picturesque countries in the world, the lakes and the mountains, I would love to take the Bernina Express which is a train that travels so you can get a great view of the alps. I love trains and what amazing views to be seen on it too. A great way to explore.
I imagine staying in a cabin and you know learning to Ski…. i’d probably break my neck trying to ski but you know I can dream about being really good. 

Unlike most people i’d rather visit these places during the cooler seasons as I find hot weather tiring… is that weird? 

Hope you enjoyed this kind of post!

There will be more

Thanks for reading



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