2 New Releases From Soap & Glory

Soap and Glory Makeup

Soap and Glory have released a whole new range of items and I picked up two things that I felt like was missing in my makeup bag….
You’ll probably notice the lack of talk of eyebrows on PennyxxLane and that’s because I’m pretty much a total dummy when it comes to it… I’ve never had a big interest in eyebrows… to be honest, most of the time I forgot they even existed so it was easy to miss them out my make-up routine… It wasn’t until last year that I noticed in photos how unkept they looked, I think the hairs my have also lightened… so I began filling in my eyebrows and making them a little darker… But I’ve yet to find a product I’m happy with and doesn’t break… So I picked up the Archery Dip Pot and Brush(£7)… you have a little pot with putty and on the other end nice little brush that you dip in and then apply… I feel like the product is a little stiff but I think I’m taking too much on the brush too… if you take too much it kinda clumps to once spot… told you I’m a total amateur… I’ll let you know if this will be a permanent fixture in my make-up bag. A little side note that I use the Love is Blonde shade as their brunette an dark chocolate shade are very dark… I found this with one of their other brow products! so just a lil heads up about that.

Soap and Glory Eye Brow

Soap and Glory Concealer

Another new product that caught my attention was the Kick Ass, Anti-Redness Concealer(£6)… my skin is very dry so it also can be quite red, particularly my forehead and nose area so I was excited to give this a whirl. I did find it hard to rub it as my skin is quite dry, it works much better when I used a primer first… I’m not quite sure how it’s supposed to work but instead of my skin being red it had a greeny tint to it but when I applied my foundation my skin and sure enough my skin look less red in my problematic areas… but I think a primer used before hand is definitely needed if you have dry skin like me.
Below is a picture I took on my iPhone the other day, just a casual selfie with no filter or editing… my skin looked so good and you also get a sneak peak of my eyebrows…


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