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Hello, it’s been quite a while since I done some damage in Topshop and it does have to be during the skintest month of the year that I want alll of topshop… So as i’d rather not bankrupt myself with spending lots of money I don’t have in that damn wonderful shop I decided to compile a list of items that are giving me serious heart emoji eyes. 😍 (just learnt how to insert emoji’s from my Mac)

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This Maroon Moto Cord Pinafore(£39) is something I really need, I think it has a lot to do with the colour… in my house Maroon was a colour you were not allowed to wear (my dads favourite football teams biggest rival wear maroon) you know the whole wanting what your not allowed type thing makes me need it so much! I love pinafores, they’re so cute and easy to wear, pinafores look so hasslefree like you didn’t even have to try and look cute…

I was so close to buying the Petite Embroidered Smock Dress(£36) on New Years Eve but the only size left was just slightly too small, I mean it looked alright on but It just didn’t feel right, which made me sad because I really liked it on. The length of the petite on me is very flattering too.. it’s not super short but short enough to make you feel like you’re not a nun with the long sleeves and high neck which is very sweet.

The Heart Print Shirt Dress(£48) is very reminiscent of the kind thing I would wear in my late teens, early twenties… and as i’m trying to hold on to my youth for as long as possible I think I need this dress to help me remain young.

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I’ve had my eye on this style of Denim skirt(£29) for quite some time, but have never found my size in store, and it being denim I would definitely want to try before I buy or order… because if it doesn’t fit i’ll probably procrastinate so hard and never return it….
I really think the A-line skirt is flattering and this has such a nice wave of the 70s vibe without being flares and platforms.

Keeping it simple with the Daydreamer Tee(£7 sale) I’m always looking out for easy casual tops and well this will really go with anything…. it’s also in the sale so it would be rude not to.


Another A-Line skirt(£38) with a beautiful dark floral pattern with crochet insert, Topshop know how to do a A-Line skirt… They always fit really well, and can be easily dressed up or down.

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Can we take a moment for this little beauty…. the Adele Embroidery Silk Dress (£69) I think i need this for summer, the embroidery is stunning, the cut is perfect and eeeek. I fear I may also need it in the black(£62) too.



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My love for scalloped hems hasn’t waned, this grey skirt(£26) will fit perfectly in my wardrobe.

I’m needing more variety in the t-shirt department which at the moment contains mostly band tees, the striped t-shirt(£16) never goes out of style and the little heart is cute little add on. And it will look perfect with the Pinafore.

So if you have a spare £370 (total of all the items featured today) then that would be smashing!

Whats on your topshop wish list?

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