Benefit They’re Real Double The Lip – Genius or a gimmick?


Benefit have recently come out with a range of lipstick and liner combos… I never really thought about it before but Benefit doesn’t really do lip products do they? That’s so insane! Anyways, always wanting to be a little different they have released They’re Real Double the lip, A 2 in 1 lipstick which has 2 shades of colour on the stick so that you’re able to apply liner and lipstick at the same time. I have two shades which come in the very cute Kissy Missy set.

Now I’m not one to use lip liners daily but when I do I like to have control and create a nice shape, I don’t feel like I can create the same shape on my own lips using this the Double The Lip, the shape of the bullet is a teardrop shape which I don’t feel is a natural shape to use to apply lipliner. Perhaps you need to have a particular shape or size of lip for this to work really well.
In saying that I do really like the shades, Revved-Up Red is such a lovely colour, it’s described as a semi-matte but to me, it’s a traditional lipstick formula, it also gives your stains your lips so when the colour fades it doesn’t completely go. It feels little sticky on the lips when first applied but other than that it feels comfortable. Pink Thrills is also a lovely colour too.

Although I’m not completely buying the dual idea and feel like it doesn’t line my lips the way I would like – I can’t deny I really do like the shades (Revved-Up Red in particular) and the combination of the colours on the stick works well and doesn’t hinder the end result.

Since I bought this set (back in December) they’ve fully launched the line with 8 full sized shades priced at £16.50.
The Kissy Missy(£16.33) set comes with 2 smaller sized shades that I mentioned above along with a luxury mini of Bene-tint and Lolli-tint.



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