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Little bit of a different post today, I thought I would show you around my bedside table, I’m 100% honest and the pictures were taken at it’s tidiest… I usually have a couple of glasses and probably sweetie wrappers on it…
I also decluttered it recently because I felt it was far too busy. 
The table/drawers are from the Malm Drawers(£29) from IKEA… the top drawer I keep underwear and the bottom is the drawer that time forgot… I have so much crap in there that I don’t want to think about it. 

so on to the desktop… The Lava Lamp(£14.99)… i’m a sucker for anything nostalgic, it reminds me of when I was younger and I would sit in my brothers room on his pc on paint and i’d stare at his lava lamp… they still enchant me. I like having it on in the evening if i’m pottering about and when i’m in bed watching a movie… makes me feel all cosy. I always get into bed and i’m all cosy and warm and then realise I need to get up and turn the light off … it’s actually one of the reasons I got a bedside table… I was fed up of forgetting to turn the light out… I can’t remember where the lamp is from but I like the mint green colour of it. The green photo from from Tiger it only cost £2 complete bargain….



I usually always have at least one nail polish currently sitting a top is Soigné and Essie… sitting next to that is a Pai day cream, I keep there to remind me to pop some on. 
The candles I bought last year from sainsburys… they’re mango if I remember correctly… they smell fruity and delish!

I’ve recently started using contacts and well I lose things easily so I have my contact lenses and cases here where they hopefully won’t be misplaced!

IMG_4109 IMG_4105

A little notebook and pen incase there is anything I need to jot down, always handy.
I am in love with the bodyshop drops of youth sleeping mask(£22)… I keep it at the side as its easy to pop on before going to bed so there is less chance me forgetting about it! 

So there we have it… i’m taking bets in to see how long it is before its a complete shambles again.


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