Sunday Treasures #1: Links of London Charm Bracelet.




I thought I would start a little series of posts for Sundays in which I will write about any little things that I feel are too random for everyday posts, i’ve entitled this little weekly series ‘Sunday Treasures’.
Today I thought I’d share my Links of London Charm Bracelet.
I was given my charm bracelet for my 21st birthday. Growing up I always loved the idea of charm bracelets and have had different variations of them.

I have 6 charms on my bracelet, 5 of which are all from Links of London, the other being a gift from my best friend a few years ago. The first charm I was given was from my parents which was a wee 21 charm to acknowledge my 21st birthday. I then received a yellow campervan charm from my brother, I was so in love with this little one as I have a slight obsession with campervans so it fitted the charm nicely with regards to it being very personal to me.
Although the charm I recieved from my best friend wasn’t a links of london I still decided to put it on, it’s a cocktail glass, something that we like to drink together.
The 4th charm is a cute little book with the words ‘Once Upon A Time’ inscribed on it, a little acknowledgement of my lifetime love of reading,
This Christmas I received another 2 charms from my parents and my brother, the first being a snow flake to go with theme of Christmas, it’s adorable and I love it. The final charm on my bracelet is a little cupcake, I use to spend so much of my time trying become a Cupcake connoisseur, I can confirm that I am not.

These are lovely presents to give for a special birthday and the charms make great presents to give and receive, there is so many different charms that you can make them so individual and personal.


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