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Ahh sweet Taylor, you all may know of my major love for Taylor and her music and if you don’t well I do like massively. My love for her surpasses the realms of  my ipod but I also really really love her fashion sense. I have always been quite shy to wear what everyone else was wears I find it quite embarrassing to follow each trend as it comes if I like something I’ll wear it, it’s quite  simple. That is one of my favourite things about Taylor’s fashion, is that  it is so versatile. There are some outfits that she can been seen wearing on the streets most recently New York which I know won’t appeal to every-one but that’s okay because she dresses the way she likes. And other days she is right on trend. If you follow me on tumblr you will know that my tumblr is more like a taylor swift appreciation page with the amount of photos I reblog of her, mainly just coming out of the gym or her apartment but the truth is I really do love getting ideas from her.

I have been loving Taylor's recent Crop tops and skirts! so cute

I have been loving Taylor’s recent Crop tops and skirts! so cute



And of course her cute wee dresses!

And of course her cute wee dresses!

I also love the vintage style of bags she uses!
So yep, If I could steal or adopt anyone’s wardrobe, it would be Taylor’s just perfect.

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