Starting a scrapbook

Since Lily Pebbles posted her scrapbook video back at the beginning of January, like many others I had the urge to start one myself, I’ve kept similar type things in the past but really wanted to do this. Over the past month I have looked on the Hobby Craft site at the ‘Project Life’ things and it looked all very exciting but also quite expensive too. I took a trip to Hobby Craft to look at the products. I decided to do something a little different and more budget friendly. I felt the project life binders were too big and bulky… so I decided to pick up a more traditional scrap book and it was on sale for £5. I thought I could decorate the cover myself; although i’m still unsure how. The book comes with pages inside, so I did’t have to buy inserts (again cutting costs down).  One of my favourite things (and a must have I think for scrapbooking) is this La de dah (cutest brand name ever) Pen and Glue duo pen. It is so handy and was only £2.50. I also picked up the corner puncher, which I seen in Lily’s video which I knew I would have to buy… I was impressed that it was only £6 ( I don’t know why I thought it would be more) but I love the way it rounds the corners of the photos. I picked up a big pack of lettered stickers which I intend to use for each month names; these were the most expensive at £7 but there is lots. More from La De Dah; I bought Washi Tape (although one role won’t peel correctly) which cost £3.00 and cute little sticky tags to add captions again they were £2.50.

IMG_1102So you really don’t need to spend lots of money on it, and you can buy as you go. I’m already obsessed and i’m constantly looking up little bits and bobs. But I really love the range from La De Dah.


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