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Well hey, guys, the last few months I’ve reviewed a few products from Kylie Jenners beauty range and today I thought I’d share a makeup look using the products that I have gathered up.
I am so in love with the burgundy palette, it is the perfect palette filled with goldens, browns and burgundy’s and the quality is so good, very pigmentated, easy to blend… I decided to use the shade Brick all over the lid and then dabbed LA a golden glitter over the top! B.e.a.utiful! The colours really compliment each other.
I also added Brick to my waterline too!

From the Valentines Mini Mattes set I’m using the shade Apricot – which I didn’t think I was going to be a fan of, however, I feel like it’s such an easy colour to wear and would be perfect for spring and summer, a change from pink and almost kinda nudie, its something different. I think it works well with the eye look too! Spring meets Autumn. The formula is nice and comfortable, it does settle into your lips so if you have majorly dry lips it could be an issue, it didn’t dry my lips out, though.UntitlednnMy most recent purchase from Kylie Cosmetics is one of the Kylighters, I am actually not really big on high-lighting but my little sister is so I bought this for her and thought I’d review it for you guys here, there are 6 shades in the collection I bought Strawberry Shortcake($22) a gorgeous pink highlight… I do find that when applying you need a few swipes to create a glow and that’s for a subtle glow, a few more for a blinding glow that many girls prefer. I think for a gal like me who is more delicate when using highlight, I think it gives a lovely result. My sister who’s highlight is brighter than the sun hasn’t had any complaints. It’s buildable so I guess it will work for everyone’s highlighting preferences. With regards to the packaging, I like that each compact has the colour of the highlight inside and it feels nice and sturdy, however, the Kylie branding on it is soooo faint you almost can’t see it unless you move in the light – my theory is that it represents highlight and the glow that it creates when you move your face? You get me? I think it would look much better with it black or white, personally.


 Hope you like the look I’ve created! Have you tried Kylie Cosmetics? What are your thoughts?footer

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