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Soft Mac Coat x Primark

trench coat

Hello guys, can I tell you how excited I am for some Spring and Summer clothes, I think a ASOS wish list post will be coming up because there are some pretty pieces! I’m usually more of a make-up girl than clothes but recently i’ve been all about fashion. I think my wardrobe needs updating I think thats the main root of it all. But lets get on to this very unspringy outfit….

I am loving this soft MAC from Primark, I’ve wanted something like this for a while, it’s quite mature for me though but i’m 25 it’s time to expand my style. I’ve seen Topshop sell these kind of coats before but I wasn’t sure how much I would wear it… I love it. It’s lightweight and thin so not great for warmth or rain but it’s been perfect for little bit of spring we have seen so far and on days it is still a bit cold i’ve been wearing a hoody underneath which surprisingly enough I thinks looks quite cool, gives it a more casual look. It was a great idea for me to test run this style of jacket from Primark before spending more on one from Topshop. Underneath I’m wearing a simple black A-line dress from Forever 21  which is longer than I would like but lovely material, it’s the perfect everyday dress. and i’ve styled it with this Alexander Mcqueen scarf to add some texture and excitement to a rather simple outfit.




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