Soap and Glory – No Clogs Allowed

IMG_8707  This Detox mask from Soap and Glory is a self heating deep pore mask.  The mask was a bit scary     when I first put it on as it started heating up immediately and my eyes began to sing but within a   few seconds it subsided. Once on you massage it on your face until it turns blue (that’s when you   know that the mask is activated) and then you leave it for 5 minutes were you then wash it off with warm water

I noticed results straight  away. noticing my pores looking super smooth and my pores  greatly     minimized  and then later how soft   it had made my face also and my skin tone altogether much     clearer and even. My skin looked so healthy. My skin lately has been pretty good with having         no spots or anything and this face mask   just helped it look radiant and beautiful. It’s the best my   skin has looked in a while. What I really like about the mask was while it was on I really felt like it   was doing something.

You can pick this up in Boots or buy it here




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