Simple ways to rejuvenate your bedroom

 when I was younger I was forever moving my bedroom around, It’s probably why my legs are so strong (I use to move all my big furniture e.g. bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers by sitting on the floor and pushing with my feet. )Probably not the safest or best way to do it. But I liked changing things, keeping things fresh without having to do a complete makeover because I don’t have the patience for that.
I’ve recently done the same, had a little play around with items I already had but changed their purposes. So I feel like my the room has had a make-over without actually lifting a paint brush! Here are a some photos of the few updates i’ve made.


Let’s start with this Ikea shelf, I’ve had this for many years now and I’ve used it for its original intention which is a book shelf…however for some time now I thought of using it to hold my bags. My bags were all over the house now they’re altogether hopefully it helps me to change up my bags rather than use the same two over and over.

I’ve had floating shelves for awhile and I’ve never been happy with them. I always used them as junk shelf. with random books and DVDs and perfumes etc… I would pretend that I didn’t see the havoc of it and I finally took control and put all my books on it. But I decided to stack  some of them, I really felt this small change has made such a huge difference!
I’ve been hoarding the ‘My Little Box’ and I’ve found that they look really cute on the shelf! I was always majorly impressed with the artwork on the MLB boxes. Too pretty to just throw away.






My sister gave me this brilliantly framed poster of F.R.I.E.N.DS and I much prefer having stood against the wall rather than having it on the wall.

I’ve been meaning to share my new make-up storage… I’ve had it since Christmas. This duck egg blue trolley, I like that I’m able to move it about. The top deck has all of my most worn products so that I get them easy. Below has all other products that I use less often but I’m not quite ready to throw away or give to someone else.
The bottom did hold all my nail varnishes but I’ve since found a new home for them in a newly cleared drawer!
I picked up the grey metal chair from Argos for a bargain of £10… I wanted something I could fold away when I’m not using it and this fitted the bill very well. However after my massive clear out, I found myself with some free space and thought it looks nice. The cushion is from Primark and I’m so obsessed.

I was also needing somewhere new to hold my make-up brushes and found an old empty Yankee Candle Jar decided to give it a go. I really like it, the glass allows it seem like it’s not taking much room despite being a big jar!


candle holders

I love using recycled bits and bobs and finding a new purpose for it!
I am one of those people who has a house full of empty boxes because I’m convinced I’ll find a use for them…so I’m always super thrilled when I find a reason for something!

This maroon box I’ve had for over a year just sitting under my table cluttering everything up! But i knew I would find something for it.  Keeping all my most used perfumes and creams together and separating it from other things I have on the table such as craft glitter.





Finally, I moved the copper fair light balls from around the headboard of my bed to the wall and put up this old poster that I’ve had stored away! So although these items aren’t new to me they give me that feeling of change!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this interior type post!  It’s just little odds and ends that I’m really happy with!


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8 months 7 days ago

I’m loving it! The banner you’ve got is pretty cool too. I did a little room make over a few weeks ago. It’s where I spend most of my time.

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