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It’s been 6 months since I started my scrapbook (read my original post here) and i’ve found it so much fun.I honestly have so much fun keep things, whenever I go out for dinner or go somewhere however random I look out for what I can keep for my scrapbook… my boyfriend does it too… he hands me receipts and little bits and bobs. It’s also encouraging me to take more daily photos so I can document the little things as well as the more exciting things thats happening in my life.


IMG_4125 IMG_4124 IMG_4123 IMG_4122 IMG_4120


One thing i’m tryin to improve is how I decorate each page, sometimes I feel it gets a little bit repetitive with the same washi tape or stickers Etc… I’m constantly trying to think of new ways. And I still haven’t even decided how i’m going to decorate the front cover. I want it to represent this year without using the same pictures that are inside.

I used a mixture of my own polaroids and printed photos for inside. I like to use boots instant photo machines because there is lots of options for the size and shape of your photos…. I recently used Polagram as they do cool polaroid style prints… I enjoy searching for different ways I can present the photographs. I order square prints and retro photo strips from cheerz… I was so happy with how they turned out. It might take longer than popping down to boots and asda  but it’s worth it and its also really cheap!


Orignially I planned to scrapbook every couple of weeks but sometimes I don’t have time to print off the pictures or I simply don’t have anything to add. I usually keep everything together until i’m ready  add it. If you’re going to do this and u have a couple of months worth of things I would recomennd sitting down and putting into order of dates etc.. so nothing is missed out or mixed up.


Do you have any scrapbooking tips for me?


Thanks for reading


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1 year 9 months ago

Love seeing what other people do with their scrapbooks! Great post Louise <3 Gisforgingers xx

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