Rimmels Vintage Pink Lipstick

Rimmel London are so diverse when it comes to their lipsticks, and I often forget and over-look at just how good a selection they have to offer us. 2 of my go to lipsticks are from Rimmel. I always have at least one of the 2 in my hand bag, just in-case.
Today I’m going to talk about Vintage Pink from the moisture renew range It looks like a berry pink shade but comes across darker on the lips and has a little bit of shimmer. I’m always sketchy about buying lipsticks that aren’t matte because I’ve been so disappointed in the past… there is nothing worse than discovering a beautiful colour and then applying it to your lips and finding there is more gloss than colour. Its probably my biggest lipstick pet peeve.

Vintage Pinkis not like that, it goes on your lips  darker than it looks and does a great job at warming my skin tone up, which is always a plus for my very pale Scottish skin. It has a great colour show off and just enough shine and I think it brings out the colour of my eyes too.

I find it an all rounder wearing it for both daytime and night time occasions.  I find that during the winter months when your skin becomes paler and your eye shadow a lot darker that it warms everything up beautifully without being too dramatic. It’s one those “I dont know what lipstick to wear so ill just wear this” because it works with everything.
It is a staple in make-up collection and I recommend you go and give it a go and costing only £6.49 it’s a bargain definitely if it something that you can use so often. The (newer) packaging is easy on the eye and the name is pretty cute, what’s not to love?

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