Red Eyes for Autumn




Hey guys, hitting Autumn hard with some nice crisp red eyes, I’m still looking for the perfect red but at the moment i’ve been using my much loved Make-up Revolution flawless palette for the reddy shade. It’s packed with glitters but has the burnt autumn colour to it which is perfect for the look i’m going for. Using a flat make-up brush, I cover my lid in the red, keeping it neat and tidy but using lots of colour for lots of impact.. I took the colour on my waterline but this time much softer by adding a little brown shadow to darken it up and avoid any pink eye vibes (always a big fear when I do red eyes ha.) I used my Bobbi Brown gel liner to add some wings tooo. I have been loving Benefits RollerLash, the brush just hugs the lashes perfectly, it’s actually quite satisfying to apply… is that a weird comment? Probably…

So there we go my current favourite red eye look for the crisp Autumn days!

 Hope you like the look

Thanks for reading


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