Pixi x Caroline Hirons| Double Cleanse


Queen of skincare, blogger Caroline Hirons has teamed up with Pixi to give us her very own skin care must have! The Double Cleanse(£24) as the name suggests has 2 sides one solid oil and one creamy cleanser, it is completely fragrance-free and contains no parabens, parabens are nasty things that use to be quite common in a lot of cosmetics but they have a reputation for not being very good for us and a lot of brands have been boycotting them, it is also not tested on animals so that always a winner!
The double cleanse is made for your evening cleanse, to remove makeup, SPF or just to give your face a proper clean.
You apply the Solid oil first on dry skin, massaging into skin and rinse off, I would take a little extra time removing from your eyes as I find solid oils a little more difficult to remove from that area. It does break down all your makeup especially stubborn eye makeup so that it almosts melts making it super simple to wipe off with a face cloth. Ingredients of the oil include Vitamin E which helps keeps your skin bouncy and youthful and helping reduce and prevents ageing. It also includes Evening Primrose oil which upon research it’s great for those who have skin difficulties such as eczema, it also helps hydrate your skin AND my most favourite part it helps blood circulation to help tired-looking eyes and skin.
You apply the Cleansing cream afterwards and massage then wash off, I sway more towards cleansing creams as they seem much softer and milkier on the skin, the ingredients in the creamy cleanser include Vitamin C which we all know contains lots of goodness but for our skin not only does it help with anti ageing by boosting collagen it makes our skin look brighter which can help us look healthier! Arginine is an ingredient that I don’t think I’ve come across before, I’ve researched and it is said to be a “semi-essential’ acid which helps heal wounds and also rejuvenates skins.

I have found that with most solid oil cleansers that it can sometimes be hard to wash off, my eyes in particular as it can stick to my eyelashes, even after washing off I find there is always residue, however as this is a double cleanser by the time I’ve washed off the 2nd step I do find that it’s all gone so the problem is pretty much eliminated.  I’ve been using this cleanser for a month now but I noticed a difference in my skin the day after, completely free of any blemishes, I usually have little red blemishes on my cheeks but they were all gone. My skin seemed to be very hydrated as I had no dry patches when applying my foundation, it makes my skin look clear and bright, the real result was when I misplaced my foundation the other day and I had no-other-choice but to go bare and but due my to skin being so fresh and clear it wasn’t an issue and my confidence wasn’t hindered so that speaks for itself!

I do find that some nights when I’m really tired I’m put off by the  “double” part and the longer routine, so for those nights I’ll use my other cleanser (Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish just an FYI).

Overall I’m really happy with this product, not only does it do a great job of removing my makeup it has improved the quality of my skin and helped with the issues I was facing with my skin, of course, I’ll have to continue with the routine to maintain the condition.

I don’t know what the odds are that I’ll finish both sides at the same time but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.



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