Perky Pink Lips

Pink LipstickIMG_0602

Clinique Matte LipstickToday I have a nice lip liner and lip stick combo to help give you gorgeous pouty pink lipsticks.

Looking through my make-up stash I came across Rimmels east end snob lip liner  (£3.99) which I used to outline my lips to help give them a little bit more shape, after a little touching up I then took the liner all over my lips. Using  clinique matte lipsticks in shade 50 beauty (£17.50) I put on top.

Side note; make sure your lips aren’t too dry, dry lips and this matte lipstick don’t work well at all.

and wala nice perky pink lips.


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Chrisylla Octavia
2 years 3 months ago

I really wanna try Rimmel lip liners. Have been hearing great reviews about them, cannot wait to buy some <3 Thank you for sharing, love


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