PaperGang Box | Gemma Correll edition


For the 3rd time, I have received PaperGang box…. this month being the Gemma Correll edition, Gemma is an illustrator who loves pugs and cats! She is very popular on OhhDeer the online stationary shop where Papergang originates from!


The definite theme for this month’s box is Pugs, featuring on a chunky notebook, washi tape and wrapping paper and a pen. I am actually so impressed with the pen, it’s weighty which gives off the impression of great quality!  For any pug lover, it’s a match made in heaven. For me, it’s  cute!
The notebook will most definitely come in handy! The wrapping paper is unique and I’m sure to find someone who this will fit to wrap their birthday present, alternatively I could use it in my scrapbook!

I’m so happy this month’s box came with three washi tapes, the dancing pug tape is adorable, handy white and red stripe and a phrase tape! I like having a collection of  washi tapes and these 3 will fit nicely.

IMG_6821 IMG_6825

One of the things I look forward to every month when the papergang is delivered is wondering what type of card they include! I had seen the NOPE card before online it’s a great added addition! It is so my humour and the type of thing I’d share in the group chat!

Last month’s paper gang box left me a little underwhelmed, however as I said in my first PG post, it is potluck and a gamble if you like anything. To be honest last month I was going to cancel my subscription but I’m so glad I didn’t as I honestly really do like everything this month… I don’t need to be a big pug fan to appreciate it! And I know I’ll definitely use everything. I’m now so excited for next months box!


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