Zoella sweet inspirations

My New Favourite Scent


zoella sweet inspirations body mist.

I mentioned in my Summer Pamper Evening post how much I was loving the scent from Zoella’s Sweet Inspirations range! I was constantly applying the body butter to get a hit of the scent!
The Body mist was hard to come by let me tell you, appears to be popular but I finally got my hands on it.

Now it’s my favourite thing to wear and for only £8 I’m so impressed. Now to try and describe the scent! The range is inspired by macarons so naturally is has very sweet scent which initially I thought I wouldn’t like but it’s so subtle and soft that I find myself sniffing myself.. it’s almost addictive! There is strong hint of vanilla and theres also sweet almond!  I like to apply the body butter and then spritz the mist on top to allow the scent to stick around longer

Be sure to give it smell next time your in SuperDrug!


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