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Urban Decay Foundation

Urban decay naked skin foundation

Urban Decays Naked Skin Foundation has been around for awhile, with the idea of looking natural I thought this would be a great foundation to try. Having dry skin, purchasing a foundation that isn’t especially for that skin type was a little daunting, the lovely makeup artist told me this was suitable for all skin types which made me a little nervous! But I was really happy with the application, I honestly recommend getting colour matched when buying a new foundation! Don’t risk guessing… try before you buy.
It applies very well  to give that no makeup look. I don’t feel scared applying it, so if you’re like me and like a little coverage  but buildable if needed then this really is a good one to consider. The consistency is runny I usually use around 2 to 3 small pumps on all of my face. I’ll keep you updated regarding how this foundation works when my skin is really dry but so far so good.

It is Paraben free which means there are no added preservatives which are usually added to cosmetics to extend the life of the product but with studies claiming parabens to be linked with breast cancers it’s not really desired.

Ingredients include anti-age fighter Matrxyl 3000 and green tea which is known to have many great skin benefits!
It’s good to know what you’re putting on your skin!

From what I see there are around 18 shades in the range all very variable however I’m failing to see a very light shade and a very dark shade…


For £27 I think it’s very reasonable price and I’m very much enjoying using it. You get a decent sized bottle with a pump so thumbs up for the design from me.

Urban Decay Naked Skin

I’m shade 2.0




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