My week in pictures 24th -30th November

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The past week was pretty quiet on the picture front and even just thinking back I can’t really think of what I done, just a usual work filled week with sadly no gigs or fun things to break it up. on Monday 24th I spent my free time between shifts doing blog type things, and I even brought along my camera which I don’t usually do but by the time I get home it’s all dark and I have to set up my lighting and I’m just too sleepy for that so I decided to take advantage of the white tables and big windows at the library and get some photos taken.
In saying that I did go home that evening and take a bunch of outfit photos and photos for whats in my backpack which you can read here. So I was pretty happy with how productive I was that day.

Jumping right to Friday 28th me and two of my friends had our monthly girls night… this time it taking place right after work so as you can see below I went out for drinks looking like a used colouring book. We had a really great night, laughed so much. I’m such a old person though because I had one pitcher and one shot and that done me for the night and I was the most tipsiest. Lets just blame it on the fact I was tired.

After spending all of Saturday wrapped up in a blanket all sleepy on Sunday I had planned a day of shopping in Glasgow however I lost my debit card so that pretty much ruined my day but myself and the family went into Edinburgh for a little Christmas shopping and some family time.
We went to a cute little cafe for some hot chocolate it was delicious. We also had a wee wander round the christmas market which was lovely but I didn’t get any pictures of that because I am a numpty. And we picked up this years advent calanders! EEK Christmas!

What did you get upto this week?

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