My Week in Photographs 18th -23rd November

Tuesday 18th



On the 18th my boyfriend and I went to see A Day to Remember (one of his favourite bands and a band i’ve been wanting to see for a long time). It was at the corn exchange which was a nice change from the usual trip to Glasgow. It marked the last gig of the year for me and it was a great one to go out with. The highlight being that they sang my favourite “if it means a lot to you” which I wasn’t expecting.

Wednesday 19th

On Wednesday morning (19th) I had the luxury of having the morning off, I usually start work at 7:15am so a morning off is very well received.  I also woke up and remembered that Foo Fighters Pre-sale had begun, I found it remarkable easy to purchase tickets. I booked for Manchester as they are playing Edinburgh the same night as Taylor Swift is in Glasgow, what are the odds that my two favourites would be in Scotland on the same night. God knows what I would have done if they both announced the dates at the exact same time I literally have no idea who I would have chosen to see that night (*cough* probably Taylor Swift *cough*), Anyways i’m excited about seeing Foo Fighters in Manchester. 


I am really excited about the Christmas Festivities to begin but won’t allow myself to get in the Christmas mood until December 1st. I looked out my Christmas top that I got last year from Primark and it’s taking a lot of strength not to wear it right now. I also looked out my “winter skirt” its a knitted skirt and it’s super cute! Will November ever end?!

Friday 21st

 I read a really accurate article on Buzzfeed on the trials and tribulations of applying and wearing eyeliner, the picture above of the txt is very similar to txts I send my boyfriend frequently. You can read the whole article here. 

Saturday 22nd


 I  went out shopping and as you can imagine it was very crazy with Christmas shopping underway, I wasn’t actually shopping I was having a wander and helping my dad choose an Anniversary present for my mum. When I got home I decided a galaxy hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows was definitely needed. I can confirm that it tasted just as amazing as it looks! My current favourite mug (which is perfect for hot chocolate fyi) is from Sainsburys, it was sitting with the christmas mugs but can be used all year round.

Sunday 23rd


Today we celebrated my Mum and Dads 36th Wedding Anniversary. 36 years? I’m surprised my Mum hasn’t killed my dad yet.

Hope you enjoyed


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