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My Thoughts On Blogging

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Blogging has become very mainstream in the recent years I thought I’d share with you why I started etc..

Back in 2009  when I had left college and was looking for work I started a blog on the website the blogger platform (I think that was the name) where I shared some photos of my day with a long ramble to match… I remember my mum asking me what it was all about and I remember my dad saying there was a lot of money in blogging… I was surprised he even knew what it was and I took what he said about the money with a pinch of salt (fast forward 7 years and he is very very right) I began working and I slowly forgot about it…. I started up another blog around 2010 time aimed at fashion….
I’ve never been a stylish person or that confident in sharing outfit photos, I would simply post dresses from new look and topshop and explain why I liked them… it was quite boring so that blog was short lived.

Despite being rather active on social media I was quite unaware at how far blogging had came and began reading many blogs such as Gh0stparties (now KateLaVie) and I had a constant itch to start at it again… within that time I had taken a real interest in make-up and I knew what I wanted my blog to be about. I was spending a lot of money on beauty products I may as well put my money where my mouth was and write about it.


PennyxxLane.com was born my boyfriend helped set up my site and he pretty much takes care of all the techy stuff. I made my first post  in January 2014 but didn’t start posting regularly until June… And since then i’ve been obsessed.

Now a days it’s really difficult, you’re lost in a sea of bloggers and I often read posts on how hard it is to be noticed and to have the motivation. However although there are times I feel less inspired I don’t wallow in it.
The best thing for me to do is to take a step back, this is my hobby and if life is getting in the way then so be it. I take this hobby seriously though and spend a lot of time planning posts, taking photos and I never find myself comparing PennyxxLane to other blogs… PennyxxLane is my life, the beauty products I like, the clothes I wear and trips I have taken. I’m happy with the work I produce, and I think it’s a good view to have on a hobby instead of it letting it drag you down. It doesn’t stop me from admiring other bloggers… So many people who study and work and put so much time and effort into their blog.I salute you all.


I keep myself to myself when it comes to the blogging world, I am aware of a lot of drama and bitterness in the blogging community… It’s not something I like to be involved in. I invest a lot of time and effort in PennyxxLane but I enjoy it, I see a lot of people who begin to resent it. If I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t do it.
I strive for PennyxxLane to improve and each post to be better than the last. I don’t strive to make lots of money… although it would be dream if I could turn it into a full time job but I’m aware the likelihood of that is very slim. My opinion is if you want to blog do it on something you love… but don’t do it because you think it will make you lots of money.

I’ve always liked taking photographs but since I started PennyxxLane the interest has just grown so much… it’s now a big part of my posts, I love sharing photos from my adventures and taking photos for my beauty posts is my favourite part. I’m so proud of the images I produce for my site I think it’s one of the strongest points to it.

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 What do I hope for the future of PennyxxLane? That my passion doesn’t fade, I hope as I grow older the theme of my blog will follow on with me and I continue to share my life… I find myself reading blogs where the main topic is babies and although having a baby isn’t on the horizon for me at the moment I would like to incorporate that into PennyxxLane and other future adulthood endeavorers.
Nothing is really off bounds when it comes to my blog posts… although the majority is beauty the main topic for my blog is my life. And that’s what i’m going to be working on this year.

what are your thoughts on the blogging world?


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