Mini Primark Haul


Velvet Choker Necklace

Primark Foo Fighters T-shirt


I don’t usually do Primark hauls but I thought I’d share my recent trip purchases with you as I was really happy with them.
Starting with the Foo Fighters T-shirt. (£6).. I have been loving the Primark Tees and I probably startled a few people with my gasp when I saw this t-shirt. I’m a big Foo Fighters fan and I loved the simplicity of this white t-shirt and the little badge style print.
I also picked up a new plaid shirt because I wear my others to death and this one is just so nice and soft, Primark shirts are really good quality and only cost £10. People are probably fed up of seeing me in plaid shirts but the obsession isn’t going to tire out anytime soon. sorry (I’m not really.)
Lastly to finish off this pretty 90s style haul I have velvet chokers, 3 for £1.50 they include 2 thin (1 red, 1 black) and a thick black style. Absolute bargain.

So yeah I look like I’ve walked out the early 90s but I kinda love it.

Foo Fighters T-shirt

Plaid Shirt from Primark




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Alana Mullen (@aroseforepona_)
7 months 25 days ago

I’m LOVING those chokers! Totally coming round to velvet, I used to hate it!

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