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JoJo Moyes Me before you

I put off reading Me Before You for about a year, everyone was raving about the book and I was itching to read it but the hype stopped me… when I found out it was being released into a movie I knew I would have to read soon (I much prefer reading the book before watching the film).
A week before the film’s release I bought the book. Despite it being a very popular and highly reviewed I had no idea what the book was about I went in completely blind.

“I was twenty-six years old and I wasn’t really sure about what I was. You probably wouldn’t look at me twice. An ordinary girl, leading an ordinary life. It actually suited me fine.”

Written by JoJo Moyes, Me Before You took me by surprise as not only does it touch on a very serious and topical issue but I feel like it’s not a romantic novel like you probably expect it to be. It’s about friendship and two people who don’t have very much in Common. Louisa down in her luck is needing a new job, with no qualifications she’s lucky to land a well-paying job caring for a Quadriplegic man Will. Will who was injured in an accident is bitter about how his life has gone a complete 180 from his high-flying career in London and adventure holidays. He is now back at home refined to a chair. Louisa struggles to befriend Will with his sarcastic and dry sense of humor. But with money problems at home Louisa has no choice but to stick it out. Things are thrown in the air when Louisa overhears a conversation between Wills Mother and Sister and she decides that she’s going to show Will how great life can be in his new life as a Quadriplegic.
Louisa is a quirky character and her attempts to plan trips for Will are heartwarmingly charming and you begin to see their friendship blossom.

“Some mistakes… Just have greater consequences than others. But you don’t have to let the result of one mistake be the thing that defines you. You, Clark, have the choice not to let that happen.”

 When I began reading Me Before You I kinda wanted to not see the big deal about it, as I’m one of those annoying people who hates loving what everyone else is obsessing over but I really did enjoy this novel. Despite loving romance in books I often find myself cringing at parts in most, this was so well written and easy to read. Will  little dark jokes that you can’t help chuckle at while thinking ‘I really should find that funny’ makes it much more than a girly novel.

“They might sound revolting to you, but astonishingly, Will Traynor, not all girls get dressed just to please men.”

Film Comparison

 I finished the book the day the movie came out and went to see the film the day after!
It was only when I finished reading the last page did I watch the trailer for the film!
My first thought was how much I loved Emila Clarks portrayal of Louisa, she was a likable character in the book, but Emilia’s facial expressions really brought Lou to life and I found her even more endearing. I was happy to see that JoJo Moyes wrote the screenplay, therefore, most of the film was very accurate to the novel. I always find the same problem when I watch films after reading the book is that I always feel like they missed out so much detail and things seem to happen a lot quicker than it seems in the book but I guess you can’t include everything.  In the book, you get a little background on some of the characters e.g Will’s parents relationship which they missed out in the film. If you watch the film alone it’s not something you really miss but from reading the book it was something I think would have thickened the plot.  I was happy that they really played on the humor part of the novel, as I feel it is one of the strengths!  


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