Louise’s Diary #3; Bank Holiday, unfriended and a chocolate breakfast

4th May – 10th May



wearing his star wars t-shirt on May the 4th lol original.

Today was a bank holiday my boyfriend and I went to the shops where we pretty much bought nothing and then went home and lazed about all evening. We sat for ages trying to decide what to order for dinner but couldn’t decide so we made the very great decision to go to Hot Flame which is a world buffat so therefore we didn’t have to choose. Hot Flame is a fairly new resturant to open up at Livingston Designer Outlet, it’s been very busy as of late but luckily we went later in the evening when it was quieter! I had a lovely concocktion of pasta, noodles, hashbrowns and chips.

We went home and decided to fall asleep to Notting Hill which my boyfriend has never seen and I forgot how funny it actually is!  Nice laid back Monday holiday.

Back to work today and it’s been pouring with rain I got soaked after my first shift! I came back to my friends house to do some blogging and we decided to watch Friends from the very beginning, perfect for a rainy day but I did have a 2nd shift to work. Which wasn’t too traumatic. My boyfriend and I had a little date night, we went for a Mcdonalds and then went to the cinema to see Unfriended…. which if i’m being honest wasn’t great. But it was nice doing something during the week rather than coming home and being a zombie for the rest of the night.


I have the friday feeling today because i’m not at work tomorrow due to the elections…

Today I was off so I thought I would take advantage and get a bunch of blog photos taken, but I was in a bit of a rut and not happy with them.
Good news my boyfriend had a interview for a new job today and he got told the same day he had the job! Super excited that he’ll no longer be working weekends and I can annoy him all weekend long!

Back to work today before the weekend off, this morning my friend Natalie her boyfriend Andrew went for breakfast again (just like last Friday) we went to a cute little cafe and despite it barely being 10am I had a crepe with nutella, bananas and mapel syrup. It was so delicious! Andrew & Natalie had french toast and a chocolate milkshake. I really enjoy these kinda mornings
Nothing exciting happened at work and like every Friday when I finished work I crawled home and into my bed.

The Weekend

I had zero plans for this weekend, I was hoping to take a bunch of blog photos but my plans got pushed back as my Dad had me helping him decorate the livingroom ( I say help I pretty much sat thinking about all the photos I should have been taken) by Saturday evening I gave up with the idea of photo taking and thought ‘I always have sunday’ so we ordered some food and watched the first episode of the Enfield Haunting which is pretty creepy if you’re into supernatural type tv programmes you’ll like this.
Sunday morning I woke up and had a much needed bath then had some breakfast and was ready for a day of photo taking, then what do I hear? The tiny little voices of my niece and nephew (a suprise visit!) I can’t resist their little faces so of course I put my camera down and we drew and watched disney movies.
They didn’t stay super long so I managed to get some photos taken. But talk about nothing going my way.

How has your weekend been?

Louise xo

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1 year 11 months ago

I’ve heard a lot of people saying that Unfriended is pretty bad. Hmm… I really wanted to watch that too but don’t fancy wasting my money if I’m not going to enjoy it. Haha. X

1 year 11 months ago

Is Enfield Haunting that show that was on gogglebox? If so it was scary!

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