July 2014 Non-Beauty Favourites

Here are  my July non beauty related favourites

desperate        Desperate Housewives

I watched desperate housewives when it originally aired although I did miss quite a few episodes admittedly so earlier this year I began watching it again and enjoyed it even more this time. I didn’t realize how much I did miss when it was originally aired.
I’m now on the final season and i’m going to be so sad when I’ve finished it all. I honestly think it is my 2nd favourite tv show ever.
There’s just  so much going on and sooo funny! I’ve this time around found that Bree is my favourite main character, I don’t think I liked her that much when I use to watch it but I think watching it right through without any HUGE gaps helped it come together. My favourite character of all though has to be Orson, again a character who kind went over my head before. 

dairy milk with oreo
Dairy Milk with Oreo

One of the kids I work with gave me a bar of this chocolate at the end of the term and I have been obsessed since. I’m not a huge oreo fan but really love this combo! I don’t want to count how many bars of this I’ve had this month.

Summer Holidays

I am very lucky to work in a job where I get the summer holidays off! So my most favourite thing this month has been able to sleep past 6am and not having the Sunday night blues!

That’s all for this month!


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