July 2014 Beauty & Fashion Favourites


This month beauty and fashion favourites:

Starting with Revlon Matte Balms in the shade Audacious, it’s a nice orange  colour which a few months ago I just  couldn’t wear, I think it  was just to colourful for the grim Scottish weather and my rather pale skin. But as the sun has got brighter and my skin darker I found that I suit this shade way more. It’s definitely a fun summer colour.
I am in no way big on bronzing however my favourite bronzer is Topshops in sandcastle, I would use it now and then, mainly if I was going out but this month it has become a regular in my make up routine. This bronzer is gorgeous it’s a light sand colour with no sign of glitter so when I apply it to my cheeks it’s so subtle. Just the  way I like it.
Now on to a fashion piece,  I’m really into head bands (it’s the inner hippy in me) and i’m always eyeing up ones in Primark and early this month I bought this gold feather one. It’s so chic giving off both festival and beach look. It just helps jazz your hair perfectly.
My  final favourite of the month is the MAC Liquid eyeliner and this is a prime example of  always ensuring you change up your make-up routine and using the products that you don’t use so much or didn’t really like at first go. Because when I bought this eyeliner last winter I wasn’t really blown away however after giving it another go this past month I have a new found love for it. I must admit that if you are a bit nervous about eyeliner this is probably not the best eyeliner for you as it can be a bit tricky. I love it though, it  goes on smoothly and it is so intense black  and the lasting power is really impressive too. I’m not sure what happened first time around but I definitely appreciate it now. So remember go through your make up collection and use the products that you kinda put to the side cause you may find a new love.




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