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Are you one of those people who always buys lots of different hair care products in hope that it will turn you into Jennifer Aniston? Just me?

My hair is something that I always want to try and make softer, shiner etc… and although my hair is in pretty great nick (due to lack of dying or heat products) I still like to try out different shampoos and other hair care products to perfect it.  You can read about my hair care routine and advice post here.

Anyway onto the products I picked up;

Charles Worthington Volume and bounce (£5.99) is my favourite shampoo, it helps keep my hair clean for longer and it always feels nice, soft and healthy. It’s a goody! I always, always go back to this one.
I don’t think i’ve tried any masques from CW before but I seen this Salon at Home Secrets Collection Moisture Seal Intense Rescue Melting Balm (£10.99) (isn’t that a mouthful) and decided to give it a try. To be honest i’m sucker for anything that has the word balm in it, there’s something so relaxing and luxurious about that word. Now i’m not sure if I need to use this again or if my hair is just not damaged enough for it but I really didn’t see much from this… but i’m not going to shelf it just yet, I trust charlie but on first impressions it’s not the best hair masque/balm product I’ve tried.

The CoLab dry shampoo range I have been eager to try… despite not being a huge dry shampoo fan. I bought a mini bottle  of New York (£1.99) because I really won’t use it that much. The scent itself is lovely and i prefer much more than the batiste however like batiste I don’t feel like it really refreshes my hair at all. I think I will be using it more as a texturing spray if my hair is a little limp. Maybe it’s my hair though.

I noticed that Fudge Urban had better than half price on some of their products so decided to pick up the Ice Tropical Cocktail Miracle Ends (£2.98). I really enjoy using this product when I have blown dried my hair to help defrizz it, it has a very sweet smell that i’m not quite use to but it is a nice product.


Lastly I decided it was about time to replace my old tangle teezer (£10.99)  for a nice new one I picked up the pastel lilac and pink one, it’s so pretty. I really like the shape of the tangle teezer, I feel like the way you hold it damages my hair less, it feels like I am brushing my hair rather than pulling at it.

What hair products have you been loving?

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2 years 2 months ago

I’m loving The Body Shop’s Rainforest hair mask. I’d been bad to my hair and bleached it, and it really helped condition it. I’ve given up on the bleach now but unfortunately the damage has been done so I’m trying to repair my hair. I’ll defo give the Ice Tropical Cocktail Miracle Ends a try, my hair is seriously frizzy!

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